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Veet Men Cream in Pakistan

(5 customer reviews)

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Veet Men Cream

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Veet Men Cream in Pakistan. Original Veet is a known manufacturer of wax strips and depilatory creams that painlessly remove unwanted hair from the body. Veet Men Hair removing creams are the fastest and easiest ways of hair removal. Original Veet hair removal gel Price in Pakistan.

Direction To Use Veet Men Cream:

How To Use : First Of All Clean the area you intend to use the wax strip on. Then Rub the wax strip between your hands for few seconds to warm the wax before use. Veet Men Peel the strip, place it on your skin, and rub it gently in the direction of hair growth. Hair Removal Cream in Pakistan Immediately pull the strip back and continue using the strip till you have removed all the unwanted hair growth. Veet For men To finish, wipe the waxed area with the Veet Perfect Finish cloth.
The Hair removal cream can be used on legs, arms as well as the underarm region. When it comes to hair removal products for men, the Veet hair removal creams for men tick all the right boxes. They make it possible for you to get smooth-hair free skin at your comfort!

5 reviews for Veet Men Cream in Pakistan

  1. Ahtasham

    Amazing Product, liked it. can recommend to others.

  2. Saim

    Amazing item for erectile dysfunction.

  3. Saim

    Did it work.. yes. Did it do a great job no. Left some hair here and there even though we left it for ages.

  4. Abbas

    I bought this for my chest hair and it does a decent job in removing the hair. good job

  5. Badr

    This is a decent product for any hair removal.

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