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Chewing Gum Long Time For Male & Female

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Imported Durex Timing Gum In Pakistan.Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, And All Other Major Cities Of Pakistan.


Chewing Gum Long Time For Male & Female

Straight walled and teat ended, Durex Chewing Gum in Pakistan flavored condoms are made of natural rubber latex that smells good. For single use only. If used properly, Durex condoms can help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV (AIDs) & many other sexual transmitted infections (STI). Dermatologically tested. Durex Chewing Gum Extra Time is manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Ltd. It falls under the category of Pain. Durex Chewing Gum Extra Time is available at Next Health. Next Health offers delivery of Durex Chewing Gum Extra Time in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and also across other cities in minimum time. Chewing Gum Long Time For Male & Female


one chewing gum 10 mints before the intercose.

  • Durex chewing gum long time
  • Extra time for male & female
  • Avoid excess heatDurex now offers a new product that promises extra delay timing for both men and women during sexual activity. The Durex Chewing Gum & Bubblegum comes in a mint flavor and contains Yohimmbinum jelly, royal damiana, ginseng, nux vom, and kali phose. These ingredients are locally made and provide an optimal composition for better sexual experiences.To use, simply chew one gum at least 10 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. However, be sure to avoid excessive heat as it may affect the product’s effectiveness. This product has an expiration date of 12/2025 and is made in China.Upgrade your sexual experience with Durex Chewing Gum & Bubblegum Extra Delay Timing for Male & Female.


Chewing The Gum Can Secrete Estrogen, With A View To Stimulating The Pituitary Gland To Supply Excitation After Which Transmit By No Means Middle If You Want To Substantially Growth Sexual Preference. It’ll Make Your Sexual Life Greater Passionate Sex Gum In Pakistan, Sex Gum In Karachi, Durex Chewing Gum Daraz Durex Chewing Gum Side Effects Durex Chewing Gum Long Time Side Effects Durex Chewing Gum Benefits Female Intercourse Gum In Karachi, Pakistan Durex Chewing Gum Long Time Durex Chewing Gum Use In Urdu Durex Chewing Gum Review
Female Sex Gum In Lahore.


Make Sexual Life Passionate
Produce Sex Preference
Reason Pleasure
Increase Sexual Choice In The Woman
Herbal No Facet Consequences
No Side Effect – Safe To Use – Instant Result Best To Use After Marriage.

Key Benefits

  • Lubricated And Straight Walled Condoms: Transparent, lubricated condoms shaped with a straight wall and teat end to provide a better fit during sex
  • Size: All condoms have a length of 180mm and a width of 53mm
  • Durex Quality: Electronically tested for holes and imperfections
  • Flavour: Bubblegum
You’ll find flavors such as mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola. Sometimes they are colored to match the flavor, such as yellow for banana and red for strawberry. Flavored external condoms are generally used for oral sex.


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